about us


In 2015 Beach BBQ appeared in The Times Al Fresco Dining Feature "20 Best Places to Eat by the Sea", Beach BBQ Sous-Vide started off as a boutique al fresco beach shack restaurant situated on the pebbles of Brighton Beach.  Offering unique style street food with a twist, and it's still the only Sous-Vide BBQ in the UK.

At Beach BBQ we use locally sourced quality meats which is finished on searing hot

coals to create the “Maillard reaction” and smoky flavour.

The signature dish is the Sussex rib-eye steak sandwich served on a fresh toasted

ciabatta smeared with Roquefort cheese porridge to add a rich blue cheese

nuttiness, along with mushroom and ale ketchup to set off the umami in your


Kieron James is an entrepreneurial cook from Brighton who set up a Beach

BBQ catering business, in Brighton, East Sussex in 2014 following his appearance

on BBC’s MasterChef earlier that year.   Kieron, raised in Coledale, NSW, Australia,

has a flare for cooking and creating food that people want to eat, balancing good

food and complex flavours. 

Kieron enjoys interacting with the diners at Beach BBQ.  There is no

greater reward than seeing the public enjoy our eclectic dishes lovingly prepared

and offered.  The one thing you can expect us is the delicious tastes from around

the globe with the freshest, highest quality ingredients that are guaranteed to

make your mouth water.

Other eclectic dishes on the menu includes the “Piggy Pop”, a slow cooked pig cheek, coated in a sticky ginger beer sauce, served on a skewer, analogous to the beach side toffee apple, and following a jaunt in to the sea most Summer mornings in the family canoe, Kieron offers freshly caught mackerel with a choice of delicious sauces.